Fabric Shopping in Beijing

I did manage to do a little bit of fabric shopping in Beijing.  Not too much, since on a family vacation with four kids, that is not a high priority.  One evening, however, dad took the little kids swimming and I bribed G1 to come to the market with me for a Chinese-style dress.  We were staying close to the Silk Market, which is a popular shopping place for tourists.  After doing a quick run around the lower floors, we headed up to the fabric area.  The fabric is sold by tailors.  You can pick out fabric and a pattern and have a dress or suit custom-made.  I saw a woman picking up a jacket she had ordered and she said she had never had a garment fit her that well.

It is a lot more spacious than the fabric markets I have been to in Korea, but that is probably because the purpose is not primarily to sell fabric but to sell clothing.  I did buy a couple of pieces, but I mainly just looked.  All the prices are negotiated, and I really didn’t want to barter for a small piece of fabric.  What I really wanted was to offer $5 for a bag of their scraps left over from making dresses, but even if I knew how to ask that in Chinese, I don’t know what they would have thought.

I’ve heard that there are better places in Beijing to shop for fabric, but since I only had an hour, I mixed it with other shopping.  I’ve also heard that Seoul has better quality and lower prices, so I’m still hoping to go there.


One thought on “Fabric Shopping in Beijing

  1. That sounds fun! I saw your comment on my blog this morning, asking about Dongdaemun but I was on my way out of the house and now that I came home & checked again it looks like it’s gone. If you want, feel free to email me at san12why12 at aoldotcom. I would be happy to meet you there sometime or just give you some information, whatever you prefer.


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