Korean patchwork

Traditional Pincushion

I finished one of my travelling projects.  Here is a traditional pincushion.  These are commonly sold as souvenirs even though my teacher told me with disgust that those ones are made in China. I like this design and plan to make some other variations.  When I have access to a sewing machine again, I have ideas for a large pillow based on the same design.  It is made of squares and rectangles.

It is made from silk and stitched by hand with silk thread.  The bead on the top was given to me by my teacher.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Pincushion

    1. This pincushion is stuffed with polyester fibrefill. I would call it “stuffing”, my Korean teacher would call it “puff”. I don’t know what a traditional stuffing would be – maybe scraps of fabric and thread? For pillows and blankets they used feathers, but this is pretty small.


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