life in Korea

Korean Folk-Craft Village

Now that we are leaving Korea, we are going back to visit favourite places one last time and picking up souvenirs.  Pottery is an old art in Korea, and Gyeongju (capital of an ancient empire) is quite close to where we live.  There is a folk-craft village here where they demonstrate pottery techniques.  We have gone here a few times, but haven’t bought anything.  This time we bought some pottery to send home.  I hope it makes it without breaking.

I’m always terrified to take G2 into stores like this.

I like the patchwork on this lady’s skirt.

A lot of the pottery was beautiful, but too large to ship home.

I’m not sure if the broken pottery on the roof is decorative or utilitarian.

The most interesting part of the village?  Apparently an anthill.


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