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Textile Museum

Today I visited the Chojun Textile Quilt Art Museum in Seoul.  It is a tiny little place, but easy to find with clear signs from the subway station.

It has some western-style quilts and some pieces of pojagi as well as some examples of Korean traditional clothing from different historical eras.  This is a prince and princess wedding wedding outfit.

It has very detailed embroidery.

Some of the quilts were amazing because of the scale.  I didn’t touch this one, but held my hand up for reference.  The strips are about 1/4″ finished size.

I might consider using pieces that small for a pincushion or possibly a (small) pillow, but this was a full-size quilt – at least a bed-sized.




There were some interesting things for sale in the shop.  I couldn’t get a clear picture of this pojagi since it was behind glass in a dim room, but the piecing is amazing.  The stitches are way smaller than mine, all done by hand.  It is a piece about 14″ square and sells for $100. (no, I didn’t buy it, but for the time it would take, I think it’s worth it.)

These pincushions are similar to the ones I make, but smaller – about 2″ round.  They are done by hand and are also $100.  (Just to compare, I saw other ones in the tourist shopping are for $15-20 last summer.  My teacher said with disgust that they were obviously made in China.)  There were even smaller pincushions here as well – about 1″ round.  They would be fiddly to make, but quite cute.

Now I have lots of new pattern ideas.  I just have to get around to making them.


2 thoughts on “Textile Museum

  1. THanks for the Pojabi tutorial. This is my second trip to Seoul and I have yet to find someone to teach me. Since I am here only a couple of weeks at a time. I went to the Textile Museum on my way to Namsan and did not see your post before hand. Fun that you post about it. Did you see the article on QuiltMania? Better go find more Ramie to buy. Your blog is inspiring. All the best back home.


  2. This is such a great little place! I visited the last time I was in Seoul. Like Cissa, I have yet to find a teacher in teacher in the area. Any connections you might have for us? And also like Cissa, time to get more ramie! Thanks for showing those amazing pincushions–I’d be hard for me to stick a pin or needle into something so beautifully hand sewn. Hope you have a good trip back to Canada!


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