Korean patchwork

Still Standing

I am back in Canada, unpacked and pretty much settled.  After a trip around the world followed by computer problems and sickness for four kids and myself, I am finally ready to blog again.  For the next bit, some of my posts may be a bit mixed up.  Some will be from our trip and some will be current.

My latest finish is this jewel-toned table runner.  I worked on it while travelling on planes and trains.  Not automobiles, because in the rare situations we were in a car it was usually the six of us plus a driver, so it was quite crowded.  It was started in Asia, worked on across Asia and Europe and finished in North America.

It is a large piece of pojagi, about 18″ x 36″.  It is completely made by hand with silk fabric and silk thread.

It was made with variegated  thread in colours similar to the fabric.

The stitching in the border is triple back stitch, which is both decorative and functional.  It goes right through to the backing fabric, so it keeps the layers together similar to quilting stitches.  This is a traditional Korean embellishment.

I love this table runner, but it doesn’t match my house at all.  I picked the fabric from the stash given to me by my teacher because I loved them and how they went together.  Maybe I should just redecorate a room in my house to go with it.


2 thoughts on “Still Standing

  1. Glad to hear that you’re back in Canada, safe and sound. I’m the reader that lives in North Vancouver, BC – and have been following your blog for about a year.

    Your pojagi table runner looks wonderful – those colours would definitely fit in my house … ha ha. You’ll need to decorate a room, totally with it as the focus.

    I hope it feels good for your family to back home – what an amazing adventure you all enjoyed.



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