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Dutch Quilt

On our trip, we stopped in Amsterdam for a couple of days.  Imagine my delight to find a fabric store just a short walk from our hotel.  Den Haan & Wagenmakers makes reproductions of old Dutch fabric designs.  I didn’t have my camera to take pictures of the store, but it is beautiful and you can see some on-line.  If you are ever in Amsterdam, I recommend you stop in, even if only to drool.

I bought a kit for a quilt while I was there.  All their quilt kits are sold in beautiful boxes like this:

I browsed the website before visiting the store, and was planning on buying a kit but had not chosen which one.  When I saw this quilt in person, I knew it had to be this one.  The picture does not do it justice.

This quilt, called “Josephine” has over 50 different fabrics.  They are sorted into light and dark with two border fabrics for the inner and outer borders.

My plan is to make this totally by hand in the traditional way.  The kit came with a plastic template (which I guess is not totally traditional) so that is what I am using.

The blocks are pretty small, and I only need 508, so it shouldn’t be too bad.  Right?

According to my estimates, I should be able to do 20 blocks per month, which means it will take two years to piece all the blocks.  Then I can add another year for hand-quilting, since if I am going to hand piece it, I am not going to machine-quilt it.  My twentieth anniversary is in three years so that seems like a good goal.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to realize that I’ve lost my mind and just piece the strips into a nice fence rail or something.

By now (mid-August) I should have 30 blocks completed.  Total so far: 4.


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