embroidery · Korean patchwork

I started working on blinds for my living room.  They are made from hemp which I brought back from Korea.  My sewing teacher had it in her stash and it was a wide width (rare) and I bought it from her.  I thought I bought lots, but when I came home and chose windows, it just barely fit.  I even had to add an extra panel in other fabric to cover the window.  That’s okay, they were working out and I was really happy with them. They have hand-stitched vines and appliqué leaves in a darker colour.  This evening I was working on stitching one of them just before I went out with my mom.  I should have known better, but I left it sitting in the living room.  I came home to this:

I think I may be able to save it with another panel of the darker fabric, but that will use every last piece I have.

Here is the culprit, trying to hide under the table.  G1 (who was babysitting) was very upset, but I knew it wasn’t really her fault.  G2 has been going wild with scissors lately.  In the last month she has cut her hair (twice), clothes and her brother’s school work.  Good thing I lock up rotary cutters.  I can’t imagine what she’d do with those.


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