I do have a small stash and a few UFO’s that were put into storage before we went to Korea.  I have a pretty good idea of what’s in there.  Unfortunately my stuff was put in first, so that means it will be out last.  Since my husband has still been travelling, he has been unable to move any of his stuff, and mine has been waiting patiently.

As I was unpacking, though, I did find one box with some fabric.  It had a bunch of half-square triangle units.

I like them, but I am puzzled.  I have no memory at all of making them.  I know they are my fabrics – they all look familiar, but when they turned into triangles, I do not know.  One set was even assembled into a pinwheel block which doesn’t surprise me since I like pinwheels.  I know in the months before we went to Korea, I was busy packing, and desperately trying to finish embroidering and piecing my parents 40th anniversary quilt before we left, so these probably go back to 2008.

This week I finished making pinwheels.  Now I have to decide what to do with them.  They will be useful since I really want to practice machine quilting.  Now I really want to get to my other boxes.  Who knows what other surprises I will find?


One thought on “Old UFO

  1. Do you have gremlins living in your house that come out and sew at night? I have so many UFO’s that I am constantly surprised when I open another box. Good luck with your pinwheels. They look great.


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