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Pojagi by machine

I have not forgotten pojagi.  I have been playing around with a technique to do it by machine.  I have developed something that is pretty authentic, but there are still a few bugs to work out.

As you can see, my biggest problem is tension.  Working with such fine fabric is new for me, and I am also experimenting with different threads.

My last problem is where to find this kind of fabric in North America.  I am going to have to go beyond my usual sewing and quilting stores to find it.


5 thoughts on “Pojagi by machine

  1. I sure hope you’ll share your technique about how to do pojagi by machine. Your’s is looking pretty good, right now.

    When I’ve played around with it, I find if I use a tissue paper / Golden Threads tissue, under the fine silks I’m seaming, it helps stabilize the process. I’ve also learned that a fine polyester thread works better when stitching through so many layers – I thought that silk thread would be the best choice. But, it would keep breaking.

    What type of fabrics are in the sample piece above?



    1. This is similar to a French seam, but not exactly. I used silk chiffon which I brought from Korea, but I will also try artificial silk, which is both easier to find and cheaper. I have used silk thread and Mettler embroidery thread, but they have the same tension issues. Maybe tissue paper or some kind of stabilizer will help. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. Ebay has reasonably priced silks/chiffons/linens/muslins. Buy white and tint with fabric paints, dyes, inks, plants. Charity shops or thrift shops may have old wedding dresses which have buckets of lovely fabrics in them.. Personally I wouldn’t use artificial silks/polyesters as they are unsympathetic fabrics and don’t take colour too well. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


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