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My dad was telling me the latest stats about online shopping.  Apparently there is a huge increase in women shopping online.  That would have to include me.  If I can buy something at home at 6 am, that’s a lot easier than trying to take four kids out to the mall when at least two of them won’t want to be there.  (What two that is varies according to the day.)  I don’t shop for groceries online, but outside of that about 50% of my shopping is online.  Books, clothes, toys – easy.  I also shop for fabric online.  This is a bit harder if I am trying to match a colour.  In that case, I would go to a local store since I can’t guarantee the colours in a picture.  But if I’m buying tools or fabric collections, then online is great.

My favourite place is Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.  It is a store in Toronto, and although I haven’t been there in person, that is because I don’t want to take four kids (because a fabric store would mean four don’t want to be there).  It is probably less than an hour drive from my home, so I think it counts as a local quilt shop.  It has a great online store.

My favourite is their Bargain Lover’s Club, which I have received for three months now.  It is 1o fat quarters for $18 and no shipping within Canada.  That is a really good deal, especially in Canada where fabric is more expensive than US.  They will not be brand new collections, but here’s what I’ve received so far:

great autumn colours

a nice collection (I want to use these to make a free-motion quilting sampler like this.)

and I love this set – perfect for a little girl

What a great way to build a stash!


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