Peaches and Cream

Back in January, I had the goal of making a quilt for each of my four children this year.  I just finished the first one.  This is Peaches and Cream, which was made for my oldest daughter, G1.  She is a quiet twelve-year-old who loves reading and writing, so I think this quilt reflects her personality.  Of course, G2 assumed that if a camera was out, she had to be in the picture.

This fabric has an interesting history.  I originally purchased it in February 2009 to make summer dresses for the girls.  Then in March we decided to move to Korea.  We left in April, so needless to say, I had no time to sew in that month.  I packed the fabric and took it along.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the dress patterns, so the fabric just sat.  Eventually I decided to make a quilt, and cut all the strips in 2010.  When I made my goal of one quilt for each child, this became G1’s quilt.  In about March 2011, my cheap Korean sewing machine died.  Since we were returning to Canada, there was no point in fixing it, but it meant that I didn’t have a machine for the time of the year that I had the most sewing time available.  I shipped back the few blocks that were completed along with all the strips that were cut.  Finally in the summer of 2011 I finished the piecing and just now finished the quilting and binding.

The backing is flannel, in a brighter version of the peach fabric and the binding is the same colour.  I think it gives it some life.

I probably got a bit carried away with the quilting, but I love the texture that it adds.  I hope it doesn’t cause any problems quilting that closely on a flannel back.  This is the first large quilt that I machine quilted and I really enjoyed it.  It is certainly faster than hand-quilting!  The only problem is that the only space large enough that I have to machine quilt is the kitchen table, so I made my kids eat at the breakfast bar for a few days while my husband was away so I could leave everything set up on the table.  It did force me to finish so that we could get our table back.

G1 really likes it, even though she has no interest in sewing or quilting herself.  That’s what counts the most.  I still have to do a label for it – hopefully this weekend.  Time to work out my embroidery machine a bit 🙂


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