Korean patchwork

Silk Tulip

I finally got around to finishing this project from my Korean sewing class.

This silk flower is made with three pieces of quilted silk.

It is supposed to be used as a keychain.

However my keys are too big for it.

My sewing teacher liked it because she said it made it easy to find her keys in her bag.  I tend to carry my keys in my pocket, which is already getting awkward with the size.  I certainly can’t carry this in my pocket.

I really like this, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.  Maybe use it for one special key?  Does anyone have any suggestions for a use?

I especially like the edge stitching, done with variegated silk thread.  I have lots of ideas for other things I can make using these techniques, but I would like to use this for something.  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions.


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