sewing with kids

Sewing with Mom

B2 has been begging to sew.  Usually he asks during music lessons, when I’m working on my Dutch Quilt.  Sorry, but I’m not letting him learn on my Dutch Quilt when I have a huge stash of fabrics at home that would be available to him.  I also don’t think during his brother and sister’s music lessons is the best time to learn sewing.  This week he remembered about sewing after we left music lessons, so I said sure.  Then I added the magic words “Would you like to try the sewing machine?”  He was ecstatic.

He is not touching my Janome 9700 embroidery machine, but I kept my old basic machine for just such an occasion.  G1 has tried a couple of times, but sewing is not her thing.  (translation:  She hates it.)  I think a big part of it was having control of a gas pedal, but B2 absolutely loved it.  I had him sew on paper to get the feel for it.

He did some free-style,

and he tried following a pencil line.  Not bad for a first time seven-year-old.

He is really excited to try some more.  I have a few projects up my sleeve for him.


One thought on “Sewing with Mom

  1. He looks so serious! Great idea to have him practise on paper. I like your embroidery work. Sometimes I wish I had bitten the bullet and paid the extra money to get one when I was buying my new machine. Merry Christmas to you and yours


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