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A Girl’s Best Friend

Meet Coco.  Coco was a Christmas present last year, and has been G2’s constant companion ever since.  She has travelled around the world, and has been through more airports than most adults.  She has seen the Great Wall of China, the Old City of Jerusalem and Big Ben.  In the fall, she was briefly lost when she was stuck in a backpack, but luckily she was found again.  You can even see her make-up job done at the in-house beauty parlour.  (Same place G2 got her DIY haircut 🙂 )

She is in pretty good shape, but her 3yo mother just noticed that she only has pj’s to wear, and those are in pretty rough shape.   Seeing her distress, Mrs. Claus decided Coco deserved to have a wardrobe of her own.

First she needed some diapers.  I used this great pattern from Skip to my Lou.

This is a cute little pattern.  I just used little pieces of flannel from my stash.  It was also a great way to use up all the little bits of thread that are left on bobbins.  I am too cheap to just rip it off and throw it away, but they build up over time.  I think I emptied five or six bobbins on these diapers.  I wasn’t worried about matching colours.

Coco also received a new pair of pyjamas,

a pink dress,

and a blue dress (my favourite).  I wasn’t sure if the blue would be too dark for the collar and skirt, but it turned out really nicely.  I think I will make G2 a matching dress for the summer.

Last, but not least, she also got a coat.

I think that should do nicely for a while.  Since Coco is an average-sized baby doll, she can share clothes with most of her friends.  Even though she tried everything on for fittings, she acted surprised when she unwrapped them on Christmas morning.


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