Projects for 2012

I’m in big trouble already.  Last year I had a goal to make four quilts and I finished two.  This year I already have a list that’s so large I don’t know if I can finish it.  On the bright side, I am not anticipating any international moves and I have a more reliable sewing machine.  Last week during some cleaning, I found my box of old UFO’s, so I picked through what will be added to the list, what will be tossed, and what will be put back into the box.  I found a few quilt tops which will be great to practice free motion quilting.

Here’s my project list for 2012:

  • quilt for B1 (not started)
  • quilt for B2 (not started)
  • pinwheel quilt (blocks done)
  • rag quilt 1 (blocks cut and some done)
  • rag quilt 2 (blocks cut and some done)
  • Pojagi Inspiration Quilt (blocks done)
  • tractor quilt (blocks done)
  • baby quilt for a friend (not started)
  • spring challenge wall-hanging (not started)
  • Dancing with the Stars Block of the Month
  • double magic quilt (half top done)
  • stack n whack stars quilt (top done but needs borders)
  • small calico quilt (top done)
  • 250 blocks for Dutch Quilt (21  per month)
  • summer dress for G2 (not started)
  • window coverings (one done, other half done)
  • Pojagi valance
  • owl family door hanging
  • 2012 FMQ Challenge

Boy, I hope I don’t get any new ideas this year :).

Most of these projects are UFO’s, so the list is not as big as it seems (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  I guess I’d better get to work.





One thought on “Projects for 2012

  1. I love your project list! I don’t dare to make one myself, it would use a lot of paper. Your leaves look cute! And the embroidered pink tops are just darling! Keep it up with FMQ, just think how good we’ll all be by the end of the year! ( I keep telling myself that, ha!)


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