machine quilting

January 2012 FMQ Challenge

I started my free-motion quilting challenge.  January’s project was leaves, which is quite difficult for someone who hasn’t done FMQ before.  I did a bunch of drawing on paper first to try to get the feel for it, and then jumped in on the machine.  Here are my practice pieces, which I am pretty sure won’t be used for anything.

This was my first piece.  About halfway through, I gave up on the leaves and just started doing swirls and loops to get the feel for controlling the fabric.  I also had a hard time seeing since the thread blended with the fabric.  This is great on a project, but not for practice.

On my second try, I used contrasting thread so I could see it better.  It doesn’t look too bad if you stand really far back.  I have a lot to practice.  I think I will have to warm up on some simpler designs like loops and stippling before I come back to something like this.  Luckily I have a bunch of quilt tops that need to be finished and aren’t too important to me – great for practicing.


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