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Quilt for Coco

I finished my first project for 2012, and it wasn’t even on my list for the year.  Maybe I have attention deficit. B2 wanted to do another sewing project, so we ran some of the scraps from Under the Sea through the Accuquilt and got a bunch of triangles.  I let him lay them out however he wanted, and I sewed them together.  My  hands were itching, because he laid them out totally different than I would have, but I didn’t change them.  I barely managed to piece together enough dark pieces to make the border, but I have no fabric left from this quilt at all.

I used it to practice free motion quilting with loopy lines, and it is not too bad, just don’t look at the corners.  I should have practiced on paper first.  I don’t think Coco will complain.

I didn’t have a big enough piece of whale fabric for the back, and I certainly didn’t want to piece the back for a quilt that’s about the size of a placemat.  I grabbed this piece to use.  G2 assured me “Coco really likes the lambies.”  Knowing her, she’ll probably put the quilt that side up.


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