machine quilting

Free Motion Quilting Practice

This is the year to learn free motion quilting.  For my non-sewing friends, normally when you sew the sewing machine feeds your fabric through at a steady rate and you simply guide it.  With free motion quilting, you disengage the part of the machine that feeds the fabric, and you move the fabric.  Basically the needle is just moving up and down, and you are moving the fabric in any direction and speed you want (free motion).  Picture cutting with a scroll saw, and it is a similar motion.

Learning free motion quilting is, like a lot of things, just a lot of practice.  I have been doing a small amount almost every day.  This week I did a set of six placemats on some old fabric from my stash.  These are the perfect size for practicing, and they are useful even if not perfect.  I think I will be making placemats for a lot of people this year.  On the back, you can see the stitches better.

I can see improvement with practice, so I guess I just need to keep at it.


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