Double Magic

This is an old UFO that I want to finish this year.  It is a pinwheel stack-n-whack, with floral swirl pinwheels.  When the blocks are joined, the background triangles form other pinwheels.

By switching out the colours in the background triangles, I get different colours of pinwheels.  I am making the blocks one at a time, since I don’t trust myself to get the colours in the right order if I do a bunch at once.  Each block is different, and I have a master layout that I am following.

I have about half the blocks done, so I should be able to finish this year.  This design offers a lot of possibilities for free-motion quilting if I can get my skills up.

I still like the fabric and colours that I chose for this, but the only regret that I have is the floral is a pretty cheap, low-quality fabric.  At the time I bought the fabric for this, we were on a pretty tight budget, and since I needed 6 – 8 yards of floral fabric for the design.  Even now, I would have to take a few deep breaths before buying that much of a high quality quilting fabric.  Still, it is good for learning a new technique, and it will be a quilt that will be washed and used on a bed.


One thought on “Double Magic

  1. I like your choice of fabrics and admire your use of stack and whack. I’ve never trusted myself to use that method but your blocks work really well. They remind me of an antique snuggly quilt at my Aunt’s house when I was really small. The second set of pin wheels is a clever surprise bonus 🙂 Avis x


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