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Project Flashback

After G1 (my oldest daughter) was born, we knew we wanted to have more children, so I saved all her old clothes.  We had two boys after her, and then almost nine years later, another girl.  With the age gap, I managed to forget most of G1’s clothes.  Luckily, ten-year-old baby clothes are usually fine.  Larger sizes will probably be a bit more dated.  When I open boxes, sometimes I wonder “Why did I bother to save that?”  Some things I am sure G1 didn’t even wear.  Other times I get little surprises like things that I made for G1 that I forgot about.  It’s nice if I find something that I made and I still like it.  It’s even better if G2 likes it.

Here is a vest that I made about ten years ago.  Now it’s getting another chance to be worn.

It is machine appliqué, with fusible web and satin stitch.  I used a commercial pattern for the vest, but just drew the appliqué.

I think it’s pretty cute.


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