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March Challenge

I didn’t forget March for the 2012 Free-motion Quilting Challenge.  It is a bit tricky to see in the pictures, since I used a patterned fabric and neutral thread.  This is great for camoflauging my mistakes, but not so good for honestly evaluating my work, and it’s horrible for trying to take a picture, especially for someone who is photographically challenged like me.

I tried two patterns for the March challenge.  Here are swirls:

This was really fun to do.  I wasn’t paying attention to size or placement, just trying to get smooth curves without overlapping lines.  It’s not bad for a first attempt.  I will definitely use this pattern again.

Here are loops and swirls:

This one was okay, but I had a hard time seeing where I had quilted, and where the empty space was.  Maybe I will try a darker thread so that it is more visible.  Also, when I was practice drawing, I realized that I always draw stars starting with a line to the right, and when I started to the left, I got confused.  After drawing hundreds of stars starting with a line to the left, I think I got it, but I still tended to do all the stars in the quilting the same way.  I loved doing the loopy lines, and I think I will try doing just them without adding in other shapes.

I should get a lot of FMQ practice done in April, since I have a couple of big projects coming up.  Thanks so much to SewCalGal for organizing this challenge, and good luck to everyone learning along with me.


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