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Birthday Gift

G2 was invited to her first “friend” birthday party.  The kind where I drop her off for a couple of hours and then go back and pick her up.  There were four little girls being princesses, so she had a great time.  I find it much easier to choose girl gifts than boy gifts.  For this age (4), I like to give kids aprons.  Even if they don’t cook, they can wear them for crafts, eating, or just for dress-up.  So I made an apron and chef hat for G2’s little friend.  Along with a kids’ cook book, it makes a great gift – especially when their name is embroidered on the apron.

Here is G2 modelling it.  Unfortunately she really liked it, and was carrying it around for the week before the party.  When I went to wrap the present, the chef hat was gone.  We looked high and low.  I even offered a prize if one of the older kids found it.  No – the chef hat could not be found.  Finally I wrapped up the apron and book and took G2 to the party.

Of course, when she was at the party, I found it in the laundry basket – logical place.  It was a bit smelly, so I had to wash it, and then took it with me when I went to pick her up.  It was a bit embarrassing, but I can laugh at myself, and this mom has four kids too, so she understood.  Because of that, I do not have a picture of the apron and hat together, but here’s the hat:

Next time, I will get a picture right away, and then keep it well-hidden until the party.  Maybe I should make G2 her own apron, she only has hand-me-downs.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Gift

  1. What a cute apron and hat! I think that makes a really great gift! Your daughter is adorable. I hope she had a great time at the party! Congrats on such a fun finish and thank you for linking up!


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