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Happy Easter

One of the biggest Easter traditions (along with special church services, time with family and chocolate) is the Easter dress.  I remember getting Easter dresses every year as a child, often matching my younger sister.  G1 will be turning thirteen next week (help!) so she outgrew Easter dresses a few years ago.  Luckily G2 is only four, and loves fancy dresses of any kind.  I finished this dress in good time.  I didn’t even have any buttons to sew on Sunday morning before church as has happened in the past.

Here she is, with her shoes on the wrong feet as usual.  She also has a big scratch on her nose, which is also common.  Her do-it-herself haircut is starting to grow out, so hopefully soon she can start having pony tails again.  Hopefully  this gives you an idea of her friendly, spunky, happy personality.  She loves pretty dresses, but not sitting still.

The pattern is Pascale, which was in an old issue of Sew Beautiful.  I knew keeping all my old magazines would come in handy someday.  Interestingly, after I chose the pattern, I got the new issue of Sew Beautiful and they have just released this pattern with a bunch of sleeve, collar and bodice variations.  I smocked the bodice and embroidered the collar.  For the hem, I used a great technique that I learned on Sew Blessed, a blog I enjoy reading.

This dress brought up some interesting reminiscing about special dresses.  When I was a girl, my mother and my grandmother both made smocked dresses for me.  I loved them.  I loved the texture, the design and the stitching.  I have memories of sitting in Sunday School looking down at the front of my dress and studying the stitches.  I could picture in my mind how the needle would have to go in and out of the pleats to make the designs.  (don’t tell my teachers)  When I commented to G1 about how much I loved smocked dresses as a girl, she said “I always hated them.”  I thought that was a pretty strong statement, so I questioned her more.  Apparently she “always hated the feel of the back of the smocking on her skin and couldn’t wait to take the dress off and only wore them when I made her.”  This was all news to me, and I told her that she was too picky and should have worn an undershirt.  I made sure that the full bodice of this dress was lined.

This dress matches the doll dress that she got for Christmas.  She put it on the stuffed lamb that she got from “Easter Bunny Daddy.”  It would have been more logical to do the smocking and embroidery on the doll dress, since the doll won’t outgrow it as quickly.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter.


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. That is so cute! She loves her lamb, a fitting gift for Easter. I do not sew clothes for my daughters anymore, because they are picky too. My youngest doesn’t want to feel obliged to wear what I make, so she politely declines any such offers, ha! Clever, no? Happy Easter to you too!


  2. Lovely Lovely! You are a very talented seamstress. I only made dress-up clothes for my girls when they were little. Unfinished hems and the like. Of course they loved them anyway. I would love to try smocking one day -its on my list.


  3. Wow! You did a beautiful job on the smocking! What a beautiful daughter and her dress is just lovely too. My daughter, who is 10, has never really been in to dresses. She isn’t even interested in a new dress for Easter or Christmas. Enjoy it while you can! So much fun an well done! Thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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