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Squeezing in a big project

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and my church is having a mother-daughter breakfast to celebrate.  Some women had an idea to do a quilt as part of it.  Apparently they did this last year too, but I wasn’t here.  Women took plain blocks and embroidered Bible verses on them and then handed them back in.  Everyone who did a block will be put in a draw to win the quilt.  Even G1 (who is not interested in sewing at all) took a block because she wants to win the quilt.

The women organizing the event don’t quilt themselves so they were looking for a volunteer to put it together.  They asked me if I could assemble the top and arrange for some people to tie it together.  I am a bit of a quilt snob, so I said I would do it, but I would machine quilt it.  It will only be straight-line, in the ditch quilting, since that’s all my skills are up for, especially with a time deadline.

I machine-embroidered a centre block to commemorate the event.  It is set on point and will be surrounded by the verse blocks.

The pink pansy fabric is used for sashing between the blocks, a large border and also the backing.

I am almost finished assembling it, then on to quilting.  That shouldn’t take too long.  I am hoping to be done on Saturday, and then next week I can put on the binding.

I overheard my two boys talking the other day and B2 said “Mom said she is going to make me a quilt someday.  I hope so.  I really like quilts.”  ouch.  I guess I know what the priority is after this one.


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