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Quilt Show

This weekend, my guild held a quilt show.  This is the first one that I have been involved in, and it was great fun.  On Friday, I worked in the tea room serving tea, coffee, cookies and hot scones with jam and cream.  Being in the kitchen when the scones were being cooked smelled amazing.  I’m sure the smell wafting down the hall increased sales.  I didn’t have much chance to see the show on Friday, so I went back on Saturday afternoon (after the Mother’s Day Breakfast) to see the show.  G2 went with me.  I was wondering how she would behave, but she handled it quite well.  She didn’t run or grab things, and she talked to everyone we saw.  It did take her a while to figure out what kind of place it was.  I told her “we are going to see a quilt show.”  When we walked into the main hall, she looked around and said “Where is the tv?”  She might still be trying to figure that out.

I had two quilts displayed in the show.  The first was a quilt I made for my sister when she got married in 2001.  I had to borrow it back from her to put in the show.  I was relieved when I picked it up that I still liked it, since I haven’t seen it for many years.  This was machine pieced and hand quilted by a group of friends.  I remember quite clearly the day we put it on the frame to begin quilting.  My one friend and I arrived early to get it ready.  When the next woman arrived, she said “I just heard something on the radio about a plane crash in New York City.”  As more people arrived, we got a bit more information, but this was the days before smart phones, etc.  It was not until I got home at lunch that I realized the scope of 9/11.  Unfortunately, that’s what this quilt always reminds me of.

This is probably the best full-quilt picture that I could have taken because it was hanging on a quilt stand.   This quilt is 90″ square (or pretty close to square).

The pattern was in an old issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  I don’t know the exact issue, but it’s around the mid 1990’s.  Some of the centres of the blocks are done with striped fabrics.

The other quilt I had in was my Under the Sea quilt.  G2 was looking at a row, and I asked her which one she liked from the row.  She said “I like this one, I like this one,” as she walked down the row pointing at all of them.  When she got to the Under the Sea, she stopped and stared at it with a puzzled look on her face.  After a minute, she turned to me and said “Is this ours?”  She was excited when she realized it was her quilt.  She had to have her picture taken with it.

I took lots of pictures of other quilts that I liked, but I will share them next time.  I can also reveal my Spring quilt, since that was shown.


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