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Spring Challenge Quilt Revealed

Even though it’s almost summer, I am ready to reveal my spring quilt “Signs of Spring”.  This was made for a challenge contest at my guild.  I had to use a recognizable amount of the two challenge fabrics, and keep it to a certain size.  I did not win anything, but I enjoyed participating.  This is the first time that I entered a judged event.  It is machine pieced, hand appliquéd, paper pieced, hand embroidered and hand quilted.  Maybe I thought the judges would give me extra credit for using so many different techniques.  It is currently hanging in my kitchen, even though my daughter is sure the colours don’t match and my son has pointed out that it is already out of date.  Oh well, I don’t have a summer quilt, so it can hang until I’m ready to get out my fall quilt.

Here is a close-up of the quilting.

I was originally planning on doing cross-hatch quilting in the word sections, but ran out of time, so they have no quilting.  If it still bothers me, I may go back and put that in next winter.  I really like how the curved quilting in the pinwheels turned out.  It gives me lots of ideas for free-motion quilting, but my skill is not up to it yet.


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