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Embroidery Machine Strikes Again

The children’s director at our church is having a baby.  Since I have four children, she has been closely involved with my family.  The children had a special time of giving gifts to her.  The grown-ups are having a shower as well, so I have a big present for her, but that’s still a secret.  My kids thought bibs would be a good gift, and the boys liked these designs.  She liked them too.

These are from Grand Slam Designs and Machine Embroidery Designs, and I got them at embroidery .  I would rate these embroidery designs as average.  They are really cute, but I found the stitching in the lettering a bit sparse, especially since it is for a bib.  Most fluffy or absorbent fabric needs fuller stitching.  If it was on terry fabric, the words would probably be lost.  I used a thick flannel, so it was not too bad.

G1 thought these were horrible and was disgusted that I would give them as a gift.  I know some people might not like them, but the new mom and dad loved them.


2 thoughts on “Embroidery Machine Strikes Again

  1. I really like the one about the cape. I have seen this in a more sarcastic version, and I reallly like yours. May make one similar to this myself. Great work!!!


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