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Baby Animal Quilt

I am very pleased with this quilt.  It turned out as cute as I envisioned it.  It is for the director of children’s ministries at our church.  Since I have four children, she has been closely involved with our family.  I have known her husband since he was born.  I was good friends with his older sister, and in a former life, I was his high school English teacher.  This really special couple deserved a special baby quilt.

The machine quilting turned out okay too.  For a while I was worried that I would wreck it, but I just took a deep breath and jumped in.

There is stippling in the animal blocks.

The design in the 9-patch blocks was inspired by the free-motion swirls tutorial on Such a Sew and Sew’s blog.  Thanks!  Don’t look too closely at the backtrack stitching.

Here is new mom opening it at her shower.  I’m glad she liked it.


5 thoughts on “Baby Animal Quilt

  1. That is SO cute! I love the pretty, bright colors and the animals are adorable. You did a beautiful job with the quilting! Thank you for using my tutorial! I’m so flattered that you did and you did a great job with it, too! What a thoughtful baby gift and a really great finish. Thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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