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Kids’ Summer Quilt Project – Step 2: sewing it together

Once all the squares have been cut out, they need to be sewn together.  If anyone has done traditional quilting, this is where it differs from rag quilting.  In rag quilting, you sew all the layers together before you join the squares together.

option 1:

This is the choice that has flannel squares with flannel batting.  First, you need to take three pieces – two shirt pieces and one batting piece.

Layer them into a sandwich – batting in the middle.

Now you have to sew through all the layers to keep them together.  You can probably just hold them together with your fingers while you sew, but if you  have trouble keeping them straight, feel free to use some pins to hold it while you sew.  The easiest way to sew them together is to sew one line across one way and then the other way like a plus sign.

option 2:

This option has flannel with quilt batting in the middle.  Take a flannel square and put is right side down.

Take a batting square and centre it on the flannel square.

Top with another flannel square, wrong side down.  Now you should have a sandwich with right sides out.  It is like a mini-quilt.

Now sew through all the layers.  You can do it like a plus sign

or like an “x”.

option 3:

With our denim option, there is no batting, so you are just sewing two layers together.  If there is an obvious right and wrong side, make sure right sides are out.  That is what you will see when the quilt is finished.

Sew together.

You can be creative with this.  Try some different thread colours to mix it up a bit.  Next week I’ll give some more options for sewing it together.


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