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Anniversary Update

I just had my eighteenth anniversary, and that means I only have two years left for my Dutch quilt.  For any new readers, my Dutch quilt is a kit that I got in Amsterdam made up of reproductions of antique Dutch fabrics.  I am making the entire quilt by hand, and estimated that it would take three years to finish.  I set the goal of finishing by my twentieth anniversary so that I have something to work toward.  There are fifty different fabrics,  and each one is used about 20 different times.  There are no two identical blocks – each is a unique combination of fabrics.

These little blocks are about 4″ square, and I have to make 508 of them.  I take them along and work on them during music lessons, swimming, at the library – pretty much any time I am waiting for my kids.  It makes me feel good that most of these have been made during times I wouldn’t be doing anything else anyway.

By the end of the month, I should have 227 done, with 281 to go.  Not quite 50%, but 45% – not too bad.  That means for the next year, I have to average 24 per month instead of 20.  The third year will be for joining and quilting.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Update

  1. Impressive! I have been working for three months on a hand stitching project and thought that was a long time, ha! You must be a very patient person indeed!


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