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Kids’ Summer Quilt Project – step 2B

I know I am way behind on my kids’ summer quilt project, but I am doing two posts this week to catch up.  Here are a few more options for sewing the squares.  The whole point of this is to stitch the layers together so that they do not shift when you are joining them.  It adds a bit of stability to the final quilt, but it doesn’t matter what kind of stitching you actually use.

On the flannel shirt quilt, we just used straight lines because it blended with the plaid.  On the denim quilt, I began playing a bit with contrasting thread and decorative stitches.  As soon as I started, everyone wanted to try it – even dad had a turn.  It was just fun since the small piece of fabric is easy to manoeuvre and there is no right and wrong – it is just doodling with the thread.  It is not free-motion, just regular stitching with all the fancy stitches on the machine.

We started off just doing some off-centre and parallel.  (You can see in the top left square a happy face that B2 drew onto the knee of his pants with permanent marker when he was wearing them.  They have been washed multiple times and it never came out.  He is pretty happy to see it in the quilt – that made up for me chopping up his old jeans.)

Creativity took over and they became more and more interesting.

The only thing to remember is that the outer 1/2″ border will not be seen, so try to stay in the centre of the block.  Also, be prepared since using decorative stitches uses a lot of thread.  It would be fun to use up all your old spools and do lots of different colours.


One thought on “Kids’ Summer Quilt Project – step 2B

  1. The kids are sewing their sandwiches together today! We’re a little behind you, but making progress again. C’s are all sewn together, and J is working on his… R’s sandwiches are made, and she’s waiting (not so paticiently) to use the machine.


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