Martha Pullen Projects

Here are pictures of the projects I made at the Martha Pullen Beginning Sewing II Licensing Class.  There are at least six more that I have kits for that I didn’t get done,  and around five more that I got directions for but not kits.  It’s amazing how much I can get done when all I do is sew for six days straight.

This is a reversible bag.  G1 claimed it when she saw it.  Good thing it’s pretty quick to make.  It’s a good size and very sturdy – it could even be used as a grocery bag.

G2 claimed this fleece scarf and hat.  The hat wasn’t part of the pattern, but I made it with the leftover pieces.

This is a fold-up jewelry carrier.  It folds like origami,

then opens to reveal the pockets with velcro closure.

I really like this purse.  The holes on the top are made with grommets and the scarf is threaded through.  It seems like a very versatile pattern.

This zipped case could be used for pencils, make-up or whatever you want.  Someone may  have claimed this already as well.

This pillow case was quick and easy.  It would be a great first project, and there are a number of variations.  It can even be made into a drawstring bag.  I made a matching set for G1 and G2.

This is an adorable little backpack.  I don’t know if it will be big enough for anyone to use for school, but it would be great for taking pyjamas on a little trip.

This set of placemats and table runner are very interesting.

The border is a linen frame.  The inside panel is removable, so you can change the look completely.  You could have a whole set of different mats to use with the same frame.  I will definitely make these again.

Here is a set of linen napkins to go with the placemats.

The edge is stitching done with a wing needle.  This is the first time I used a wing needle, and I loved the effect.  These were really quick and easy.

This is a jacket made with a linen-cotton blend.

Technically it is reversible, but I don’t think I will ever wear it this way.  The pattern is a bit busy and it feels weird with the linen on the inside.


4 thoughts on “Martha Pullen Projects

  1. just because I’m in Portugal, I guess I don’t get to claim any of your projects! Love the reversible bag! Can’t wait to see everything and hear about your trip…love Mom


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