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Fall Clothes

It’s starting to get cooler, and that means time to change clothes for the seasons.  I made this pair of pants for G2.

The pattern is “Ben & Mia Pants” by Lily Bird Studio.  I got it at  I love e-patterns.  You can get it immediately and start sewing, and it supports small businesses and home designers.  I do still use the big-company patterns like Simplicity, Butterick, etc, but like to use independents if I can find a good pattern.  This one was great.  It had clear instructions, so even a new sewer could follow them.  There were a couple different variations, so you could easily customize, and as you can see, they fit great.  They have an elastic waist, and pockets on the front.

There were optional pockets to go on the back, but I made the pockets and then forgot to put them on.  I am making a jumper with the same fabric, so I put the pockets on the front of the jumper rather than taking apart the leg seams to put back pockets on.  I don’t think G2 will ever know.


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