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October Free-motion Quilting Challenge

I have been doing a lot of quilting this month.  I have been working on this challenge for a while, but, like usual, didn’t get it finished and posted until the last day.  I guess that’s why I need deadlines.  I have also been working on B2’s quilt.  I am pretty pleased with it.  It is turning out okay and has been a great learning experience.

October’s challenge was to do a piece with your name in the middle, surrounded by different designs.

It was interesting to try different things.  I can really see improvement from the beginning of the year.  My stitch length is much more consistent, and I am getting the “feel” of moving the fabric.  Of course, if you look with a magnifying glass, you can see all the problems, but I won’t be entering any competitions anytime soon.  (Maybe after a few more years of practice.)

It was interesting to hear my husband’s names for the different designs.  They gave me other ideas of ways to use the designs.  We both called the orange “lightening bolts”, but I called the blue “swirls” and he called it “cinnamon rolls.”

I called this “orange peel”, since that’s the traditional quilt design, and he called it “fans.”

I called the green “grass” or “seaweed” and the blue “rocks” or “pebbles”, and he called them “fire” and “bubbles.”




These last ones he hasn’t seen yet, but I call them “Christmas lights” and “circuit boards.”  It surprised me that “circuit boards” was the most difficult to keep a regular stitch length.  Since you have to physically stop at each point to have a short corner, it is difficult to maintain a steady speed when you are always stopping and starting.  It was fun, but could use more practice.

Thanks again to SewCalGal for putting together this challenge.  It’s been great!



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