machine quilting

November FMQ Challenge

No more waiting until the last day of the month for me.  I have been in the groove of free-motion quilting, so I thought I should get this done right away.

This month’s challenge was from Sarah Vedeler, and as you can see, involved swirls.  The squares to the left are 1″, and the right are 2″.  The trouble I had with this was going fast enough that I had a smooth line, but not so fast that I was out of control.  You can see I have a couple really good ones, and issues with tension and stitch length are much better than they were.  I just used regular sewing thread so that it would be easier to see, but I am going to try it again with a fine Aurifil.  The only colour I have on hand is white, and I thought it might be difficult to see on the white background.

I will keep practicing on this, since I love swirls and can think of many uses for this.  Thanks SewCalGal for organizing the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge!


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