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Dutch Quilt Milestone

Anyone who has read my blog for a while has seen my progress on my Dutch Quilt.  This quilt is made from a kit that I got when we were travelling in Amsterdam and consists of reproductions of antique Dutch fabric, thus the very creative name.  I decided that since the kit was special (and expensive), I would piece the entire quilt by hand.  I am usually a fan of quick-and-easy techniques, but I like occasional hand-work.  Also, since the blocks are only about 4″ square, they are very portable.  Most of them have been done while I’m waiting for my kids during music lessons, swimming lessons, library programs, etc.  During the summer, I really lost steam on the project and didn’t get much done, but now I am back on track.  My goal is to have a totally finished quilt by July 2014 – my twentieth anniversary.  I figure that I should get the blocks done by July 2013, and that will leave a year for assembling, quilting and binding (probably also done by hand).  Since I slacked off in the summer, I now have to do one block a day to make that goal, but today was exciting:

This is block 254.  That means I’m 50% complete!

It’s all downhill from here.



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