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Block of the Month – October

I think I will actually finish my block of the month blocks within the calendar year.  I just finished October, so I only have two more months to go.  November is two more setting blocks, so they will be quick because I’ve done a bunch of those already.  Here are October’s blocks.



This is called Argentine Tango.  It is a bit ironic, since in October and November my husband was working in Argentina.



This is Fox Trot.  While I was constructing it, instead of thinking about the dance, I was thinking – alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, fox trot.  That was about as far as I got in the alphabet.

I’d better start assembling the blocks, since the border is January.  I’m really thinking about the quilting, and I’m both excited and nervous.  This will be my big challenge for intricate free-motion quilting.


3 thoughts on “Block of the Month – October

  1. Love your quilt I don’t know if you still look at this I would love to get the pattern any help or where I can get it? I’m new to quilting and this is beautiful.
    Thank you


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