Christmas present

Here is a Christmas present that I made earlier, but couldn’t show since my mom reads my blog.  They are a set of mix-and-match place mats.  They have a frame:



And then different fabrics can be inserted into the frame to give it a different look:




IMG_1950This one is white cotton with a band of decorative stitching



The inserts can be taken out and washed separately, and you can get a lot of different looks from one frame.  I’m sure my mom will like them.



3 thoughts on “Christmas present

  1. I love them, Elizabeth. I have several ideas for making them seasonal…i.e. Easter fabric, Christmas fabric, etc. They are so pretty that when Dad set the table with them, I told him they are not for using, just for decoration! Poor guy…he looked so confused…he should know me by now, shouldn’t he?


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