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B2’s Quilt

I finally finished B2’s quilt.  This is my biggest challenge to date with free-motion quilting.  I quilted the whole thing on my domestic machine, and although I need more practice, it no longer scares me.  I had some tension issues that I had to work through so it was a great learning experience.  My plan when I started was to practice and do as little ripping as possible, so I let go of any perfectionist tendencies.  After all, the recipient is eight years old, not a judge.  I used a blending thread, so mistakes are not obvious.

All in all, I am quite pleased with it.  It started with a bunch of 7″ charm squares, and I added some yardage and made half-square triangles.  The layout is a random light/dark design.


B2 is a shy but mischievous boy who likes animals, jokes, games and doing as little piano practice as possible.  I am sure he would have preferred a dog, but he is happy with his quilt.

B1’s quilt will not have as much quilting in it, since he has been quick to remind me that I have made quilts for all my children except him.  I think I will have to do it quickly.


9 thoughts on “B2’s Quilt

  1. I think it looks great, too! For the next one, some of the overall designs are actually fast, like leaves or Jester’s hats. Your design on this is really neat, though. I like how you accented some squares and framed with feathers. Yay YOU!!


  2. This is a lovely quilt! Isn’t it wonderful to pull that first full bed size quilt out of the machine and be able to say “I did that!” Your son will treasure it always!


  3. The random light dark design worked very well. I also do my practice quilting on children’s quilts because they like the big picture or on charity quilts because even less than perfect jobs keep people warm.


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