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End of the Dance

I finished all the blocks for my 2012 block of the month project, Dancing with the Stars by Carol Doak.  It has been a great project, and I love the colours, even though I don’t know what I’m going to do with the finished quilt yet.  I am thinking of hanging it on a wall, but it’s pretty big.  In January I get the borders to put on, and already I just barely have a piece of floor big enough to lay it out.  Here are the last three blocks:




Paso Doble




I admit that I don’t know what all these dances are, and I don’t watch the show “Dancing with the Stars”, but I do love the quilt.



I’m going to take my time and quilt it carefully.  My goal is to have it complete by New Year’s.


11 thoughts on “End of the Dance

  1. This makes me wish I could paper piece. I don’t because I just can’t get it straight in my brain and my pieces never turn out right but this is AMAZING!


    1. The pattern is called “Dancing with the Stars” by Carol Doak. I got it as a block of the month (including fabric) from a local quilt shop – Sew Sisters in Toronto. I don’t know if you can get just the pattern, but other quilt shops offered the BOM.


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