Korean patchwork · pojagi

Pojagi Mat

This is my first attempt at traditional pojagi with materials that are readily available in North America.  This tray cloth was made with silk organza, which is commonly used as interlining in couture sewing.  When I told people at the store that I used it in patchwork, I got some strange looks.  It doesn’t have exactly the same feel as the Korean silk, but it seems to be a decent substitute.



I did use Korean silk thread, but am trying North American threads with another project.  Silk kimono thread, which is commonly used in quilting is far too thin, so I am still exploring.



Pojagi is one of the most popular topics that I write about.  Because I get so many hits from people searching for information about pojagi, I decided to start another blog that focusses solely on that topic.  Please feel free to check out my new blog: Pojagi.  I am also developing some new tutorials and patterns, so if that interests you, stay tuned.


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