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My Family

I have a confession to make.  I love those stick person stickers that go on the back of vehicles for each member of the family.  I think they are really cute and enjoy looking at the different family combinations.  On our vehicle, however, we don’t have them.  My husband thinks they’re dumb, my 13yo daughter would be horrified if we had them, and I’ve never seen the right combination for our family.  So we don’t have them, but I was excited to see the stix family embroidery designs at Designs by JuJu.  I use a lot of designs from this site, and they are all adorable and really well done.  Finally I embroidered my own stick family.  I threatened to hang the embroidery in the back of the van, but that would be even more humiliating than having stickers.  So I made a pillow.


I couldn’t decide whether to keep the pillow on my bed or on the couch in the living room, but G2 made the decision for me.  She claimed it for herself and sleeps with it.  The shape of it is like a mini body pillow.  I guess if I want one for myself, I will have to make another one.



She was also quick to remind me that when she is in high school, I will need to make another one, since she will be too big.  (She is in junior kindergarten right now, so she’s really thinking ahead.)



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