Roll-up Jewelry Case

Back in August, I went to Alabama and became a Martha Pullen Licensed Beginning Sewing Teacher.  This means that I took classes for a week and got lessons on teaching sewing as well as patterns and instructions for over thirty projects that I can use.  I’m excited to say that I’ve started teaching a class.  Last week was the first class, and it went really well.  All the students completed their projects, and were happy with them.  Since I’m teaching, I thought I should finish my sample projects. I got a lot done during my week of sewing last summer, but I still brought home some kits that I didn’t have time to get to.  One of my students is interested in practicing zippers, and this roll-up jewelry case is perfect for that, so I made up my sample.


The case rolls up and is tied with a ribbon.

IMG_0209When untied, it can be unrolled, revealing pockets made with soft flannel.









It has three zippered pockets, using three different techniques of zippers – covered, exposed and fully exposed.  There is also a ring band held by a snap.  It’s a fun little project and good practice for zippers.


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