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B2’s shorts

B2 has been asking about sewing for a while, and I’m certainly not going to discourage him.  Last week we bought fabric to make pj pants, but I forgot to pre-wash it.  So this morning the opportunity came up for him to have some sewing time and it wasn’t ready.  Have no fear, I dug through my stash and found some fabric that he loved.  We used this pattern from the Scientific Seamstress.  The pants have no side seams, and are made with two identical pieces, so there’s not a front and back side.  It’s just  perfect for a skinny eight-year-old boy to make himself.  I highly recommend this pattern, even for beginners.  It has clear directions with lots of pictures.  My son did about 75% of it himself, and I’m sure that when he makes another pair, he could do 95% independently.  The pattern I bought goes from sizes 6 months to 10, and there is a companion adult pattern.  My younger daughter and older son now want matching shorts, so I’m sure I will use this pattern again and again.

Here he is preparing the pattern.




Cutting them out.


Doing preliminary pressing.





Sewing.  (He got a big surprise.  I sew at a small table in the corner of my bedroom.  Usually when I sew with the kids, I get my small machine out and bring it to the kitchen.  Since it was only him, I offered to let him use the big machine.  He was thrilled, and now might not want to go back.)








While we were sewing, G2 was using my retractable measuring tape as a bungee cord for her small dolls.



2 thoughts on “B2’s shorts

  1. What a great job! He is so focussed and has reason to be proud of his skill. Maybe he could make some for his grandpa! I love the fabric.


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