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Happy Autumn


To celebrate fall, I made a quick little jumper for G2.  It is a very simple, basic pattern – only a front piece and a back piece.  I finished the neck and arm holes with bias tape, so there’s not even a facing.  It is made out of corduroy which I had kicking around from years ago.  It is the machine embroidery and applique that sets it off.  She picked out the girl scarecrow with corn from my fall embroidery designs.  This is from the Scarecrows Applique collection from Designs by JuJu, my first choice for super-cute machine applique.  I had originally planned on having leaves come down from the shoulder and across the front, but they didn’t really go with the scarecrow, so I went with the flower spiral in matching colours.



There’s even a little surprise on the back to see when she’s running away.


She likes it, and it is a very quick pattern.  I think I’ll make another jumper with some blue floral fabric I have.  I’m just trying to decide on what embroidery to use.  The fabric would look great with blue, white and grey snowflakes, but I’m not ready for that yet!



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