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Finally the Dutch quilt … almost

Those of you who  know me personally will know that my deadline for the Dutch quilt has come and gone.  My anniversary came and went and the quilt was not finished.  I am pleased, however, to announce that the quilt top is done.  When I showed my  husband, he was impressed that it was finally finished.  My reaction was “well, not exactly finished …”  I do still have to quilt it, and since I did all the piecing by hand, I am certainly going to hand-quilt it.  I have given myself the deadline of the end of the year to get it quilted and bound.  You probably don’t want to invite me to any New Years’ Eve parties, since I’ll probably be busy.

dutch quilt

Here it is.  Even though the size of the quilt was written in the instructions, I was still surprised to see it in real life.  I may use it on our bed, since it is big enough.  The only concern I have is that someone might spill on it, be sick, or drag it away and slide on the floor with it.  I had thought about hanging it on the wall, but it is a queen-sized quilt, and we don’t have any walls big enough.

It is all basted and ready to begin quilting.  I am going to quilt it in rings.  Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Finally the Dutch quilt … almost

  1. WOW! I got here via a pinterest link to the day you bought the quilt and thought, she never finished that. So I clicked up top to see if the home page would show any progress and this entry is the current one. Hat off to you, that was some undertaking! And the result is wonderful. Keep going, you are an inspiration!


  2. Beth, it’s gorgeous!! I started checking your page more than normal as the day was getting closer (is it really 20 years? Goodness… I remember the day well!) and am thrilled you posted the results. Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂


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