The Lauren Quilt

Here is my latest quilt – the Lauren Quilt.  I helped my mother-in-law make it for my niece. I only had to buy the white background fabric, the rest was already in my stash.  The shoo-fly blocks are done with 30’s reproduction prints.

It is an original design based on a traditional block. The blocks are 9″ square, with partial blocks in the border. I designed it on Quiltography, a great app for designing quilts. I highly recommend it if you have an iPad or tablet. 


The blocks were quilted with free-motion flowers surrounded by stippling.   I quilted a chain in the chain blocks. 

Even the back was from my stash. I made 20″ squares and pieced the back. My kids think the back is just as good as the front. 


You can see the quilted flowers even better on the back. 



8 thoughts on “The Lauren Quilt

  1. SO pretty! I love chains and I love shoo-flies, so this is the perfect combination. And I’ve pieced backs just like that before, including for grandson’s quilts. Littlest grandson just got his big-bed quilt, and I worry some day he’ll realize the older brothers have TWO quilts on each of theirs, while he does not (because his back is all one fabric, and theirs are pieced.) 🙂


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