Stitched Cards

I really enjoy crafts, and usually before Christmas, I spend a couple of afternoons with my kids doing Christmas crafts. Of course, I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest. This year, I found an idea for something I’d never tried before – stitched cards. 

We made a bunch of cards and it was fun. It is similar to string art that is done with nails on a board. I played around with simple shapes and colours, and it was fun to see the different variations. 

These two cards are done with the same size circle and same thread, but just different spacing. 


These are circles with fewer strands of floss and changes in spacing again. 

Here’s a different look with squares and corners. 


And because Valentines Day is coming up, I played around with some heart designs. My 8yo daughter wants to make some of these for her friends. 


This is a design I drew using straight lines. 

   When I started looking online, I found a lot of great designs. This cute butterfly is from stitching cards.com. There are a bunch of other beautiful designs on that site as well. 


This is a great quick project that is fun for both adults and kids. 


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