Another old UFO

I have been cleaning through all my sewing stuff, and I found an old tea towel that I bought years ago.  It has bands on it that could be used for cross stitch, but I wanted to try huck embroidery or Swedish weaving.  Technically, it’s not exactly huck embroidery since it’s not on huck cloth so the embroidery is visible on the back side, but it was still fun to experiment.

I did the two sides differently just for the fun of two patterns.  

I didn’t exactly have a pattern.  I just tried to follow a picture and made it up as I went along, so there was a lot of stuff to take out and re-do.  That was no problem for a small project, but if I did something bigger, I would definitely use a printed pattern.


This was a fun project, and I’m sure I would enjoy doing a larger piece.  I just used embroidery floss that I already had on hand, so it was also nice to do a project without buying anything.  I think this would be a great project for kids as well.


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