I need a new tagline!

We had a crazy summer at our house. After talking for a couple of years, we put an addition onto our house. The primary purpose of the addition was to give my kids their own space. G1 and G2 have been sharing a room, and it was not working out.  G1 is a seventeen year old organized, studious, introvert who goes to bed early in order to get up to catch the school bus by 7:15. G2 is an eight year old life of the party, who never wants to sleep or clean up. It was getting tense, and they needed space. Theoretically the boys could have continued sharing, but then they would have had to prove (by fighting noisily) that they also needed their own rooms.

So the addition went on.  When we were making the plans, there was a space just off our kitchen and dining room that didn’t have a clear function. The architect suggested it could be a family room, but I had a better idea – a sewing room!

That means my old tagline about only having a virtual sewing room no longer applies. I now have a physical sewing room to go along with my virtual room. 

For years, my sewing was tucked into a corner of our bedroom. Now it is in the middle of the action, so I can keep an eye on everyone while I am working. Also, since it is not in our bedroom, I can leave projects out at the end of the day and don’t have to worry about waking others. 

Here is old sewing area with everything packed up neatly:

And here it is set up for sewing:  (the door in the background is the closet, so we still needed access)

Here is my new room:

I still need some sort of shelves or cupboards to organize things, but I love it. There is lots of natural light with the big window and lots of space to work. Through the window (which used to be the back of the house) I can see the kitchen, and  keep an eye on my kids. Here is the view of them decorating cookies:

After doing almost no sewing from June to October due to construction, my productivity has gone up tremendously. I should have lots of new projects to post about soon.


5 thoughts on “I need a new tagline!

  1. Mom’s Sewing Room
    Learn to define emergency before interrupting the queen of this space or a virtual UFO may wish you away into the CLOUDs…


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